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Triple Layer Fat Bombs

You will need:

1/4 cup of Fatso Peanut Butter

40g Coconut oil

40g Cacao Butter

1/3 cup Cacao Powder

1 tsp. Vanilla

1.5 tbsp Monk fruit sugar *Note I prefer less sweet so you can add more sweetener if you like

Silicon mould for 12 mini cupcakes

In a double boiler, melt down Fatso. Once it reaches liquid, pour evenly amongst moulds for first layer (about 1tsp. per mould) Place in freezer.

While the first layer freezes, begin melting down cacao butter and coconut oil. Add in sweetener of choice. If using granulated, keep stirring until granules are melted. Using a teaspoon, measure out 1 tsp per mould and drop on frozen fatso layer. This will be the vanilla layer. Place in freezer and let harden.

With remaining cacao mixture, add in cacao powder and vanilla. Stir until smooth. You might need to leave this layer on the counter or 5-10minutes while the other layers harden in the freezer.

Remove moulds from freezer and add final chocolate layer using a teaspoon as measurement.

*Optional* Place a macadamia nut or crushed hazelnuts on top for an extra crunch.

Place back in freezer until solid. Please note that these must be kept in an airtight container in fridge/freezer as they will melt at room temperature.

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