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My Journey

My journey into Holistic Nutrition seems very similar to those around me.  The desperate search to heal and feel well. For much of my childhood, I was put through the medical system. Being born with a rare kidney disease, I endured many hospital visits and numerous testing. Throughout my teens I battled with disordered eating and during my twenties, I suffered from severe dermatitis, acne, anxiety, fatigue, PMS and the inability to deal with stress properly. I was repeatedly prescribed antibiotics and spent many years on birth control. I soon realized that despite the countless efforts I had made to heal, I in fact was getting worse.


It wasn’t until I met my partner in 2013, that I really dove head first into nutrition. At that time, he was involved in a fitness community that embodied a functional approach to nutrition and exercise. He taught me a lot and truly opened my eyes to the reality of our healthcare system and the lack of education when it comes to proper nutrition. Thats when it dawned of me that maybe this was what I have been searching for. I have always felt the desire to help those around me; support their emotions, their physical wellbeing, but I could never quite determine how. I tossed and turned with other careers like personal training, nursing and social work, but nothing ever felt quite right. I was driven to learn more. I spent countless hours reading books, listening to podcasts and following in the footsteps of those who inspired me. Soon after, I enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and inevitably, it was the best decision I ever made.


Holistic Nutrition for me changed my life. It allowed me to dig deep into my past, my traumas, my behaviours and how these events shaped who I was. By looking at the body as a whole; my mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing, not only was I able to heal myself, but use this knowledge to heal others.

Eating for the mind, body & soul

Holistic Nutrition is more than just what’s on your plate. It embodies our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I look at your health as a whole, and understand that each individual is unique. This means, along with nutrition, I include your emotions, environment and daily habits to design a wellness plan specifically for you. We will focus on the root cause and how you got here. A holistic approach to proper nutrition encourages education on basic nutrition to develop a lifestyle that incorporates organic and unprocessed food, herbal medicine and supplementation, self care rituals, sleep hygiene and using food to treat chronic health conditions.

In todays society, we have become a culture focused on convenience. This includes what we eat and how we move. The constant feeling of being on the go makes unwrapping a package or ordering fast food simply easier– the problem with this is the cost of convenience is having massive impacts on our health. With the rise of obesity and diabetes, the connection between what we eat and our health is undoubtably intertwined.


For some people, its simply just not knowing where to begin and throughout our sessions, I will provide tools and resources on how to optimize your health while on the go.

Holistic Nutrition is designed to heal the body, enhance the mind and cleanse the soul to reach optimal health and wellness. Together, through diet and lifestyle will will discover what works for you and restore balance.

Benefits of Holistic Nutrition


Following a holistic plan, you may see benefits such as the following:

↠ Improved digestion

↠ Mental clarity 

↠ Better sleep

↠ Increased energy & mood

↠ Improved skin tone & texture

↠ Weight loss & weight management

↠ Stress management skills

↠ Strengthened immune system

↠ Disease prevention

↠ Self love ❤



“Worst-case scenario: You spend a month without some foods you like. Best-case scenario: You discover you are able to live healthier and better than you ever thought possible"

             - Robb Wolf, Paleo Solution

My Approach
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